For Real Estate Agents, A Moving Truck Can Set Your Brand Apart


Good help is hard to find, especially when it comes to moving. The average American will move 11.3 times in his or her lifetime.[1] This means relying on friends, family, or professional services when changing homes. And there will surely be a truck involved. If you’re a real estate agent or the owner of a storage facility, you can differentiate your brand from competitors by supplying a moving truck to your clients. By going this extra mile, you can generate positive word of mouth and an unparalleled customer experience.

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Transporting Success, One Truck at a Time

A truck can add value and profits to a variety of new businesses in a time when they need any boost they can find. Many small business owners view adding a truck to their operation as not only an essential way to add value to their company, but also an excellent source of advertising. Far too often, however, owners are wary of actually purchasing one as it can be a hassle to acquire cost-effective insurance or develop the necessary graphics. Fortunately, On The Move has the solution they’re looking for.
Covering everything from truck rentals to insurance, used car sales to food trucks, On The Move is a hub of innovation geared toward increasing the value of your business. The partnerships developed by On The Move through their licensee program allows them to work closely with companies to develop strategies that increase short and long term profits. What started as a simple truck leasing program has grown into a diverse portfolio that boosts the efforts of caterers, contractors, realtors, movers, and everything in between.

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On The Move: A Success Story

In 1992, in Dearborn, Michigan, a businessman by the name of Maury Westerdale recognized the need for a commercial truck leasing program.

There were lots of companies like U-Haul that rented vehicles to private individuals for their own personal use. But what about companies that needed a truck that they, in turn, could rent to their customers?

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Grillfield Food Truck

Virginia Tech Food Trucks Roll Out on Campus

Steering clear of what hasn’t worked for other campus food truck startups and gearing up for future student growth, Virginia Tech’s dining services team has jump-started two food trucks. Kitchens deliver on speed of service and flexible menus.

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CJ Steen, On The Move

Welcome to the Lone Star State!

Everything is bigger in Texas! With more than 100,000,000 rentable square footage than any other state in the country, it is easy to see why the Self Storage Association chose Dallas to host its Spring Conference & Trade Show March 30th-April 1st.

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