On The Move, Inc. Meets Inside Self-Storage World Expo

Recently, Las Vegas rolled out the red carpet for the Inside Self-Storage World Expo. The four-day convention in April at the glamorous Paris Hotel and Resort featured an enormous gallery of the most popular products and services currently on the market, classes, and the chance to network with the industry’s biggest players. When all was said and done, more than 3,500 people had gathered from around the globe to learn and rub shoulders.

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Simple Protection and Higher Margins: How Tenant Protection Is Upending the Self-Storage Industry

The relationship between property insurance companies, tenants, and operators in the self-storage industry has historically been somewhat messy. Employees were often forced to discuss and sell self storage tenant insurance plans that they did not necessarily understand in order to meet regulatory guidelines. This ambiguity about self storage tenant insurance left many customers confused and frustrated by what often seemed like a last-minute upsell.

Thanks to recent price reductions in the risk management side of the business, it has now become much more affordable for self-storage operators to offer their customers simple and cost-effective Tenant Protection plans. A Tenant Protection plan is a lease addendum that simply modifies a portion of the agreement to protect the renter for up to a certain amount of property damage. These plans are easy to understand and do not include deductibles or other complicated self storage tenant insurance language.

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For Real Estate Agents, A Moving Truck Can Set Your Brand Apart

Good help is hard to find, especially when it comes to moving. The average American will move 11.3 times in his or her lifetime.[1] This means relying on friends, family, or professional services when changing homes. And there will surely be a truck involved. If you’re a real estate agent or the owner of a storage facility, you can differentiate your brand from competitors by supplying a moving truck to your clients. By going this extra mile, you can generate positive word of mouth and an unparalleled customer experience.

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Transporting Success, One Truck at a Time

A truck can add value and profits to a variety of new businesses in a time when they need any boost they can find. Many small business owners view adding a truck to their operation as not only an essential way to add value to their company, but also an excellent source of advertising. Far too often, however, owners are wary of actually purchasing one as it can be a hassle to acquire cost-effective insurance or develop the necessary graphics. Fortunately, On The Move has the solution they’re looking for.
Covering everything from truck rentals to insurance, used car sales to food trucks, On The Move is a hub of innovation geared toward increasing the value of your business. The partnerships developed by On The Move through their licensee program allows them to work closely with companies to develop strategies that increase short and long term profits. What started as a simple truck leasing program has grown into a diverse portfolio that boosts the efforts of caterers, contractors, realtors, movers, and everything in between.

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Vote for On The Move 2017!

Through superior customer service and quality innovative products, On The Move provides their Licensees with the ability to add value and profits to their businesses. By helping their clients add value, they have enjoyed great, long-term relationships that have translated into unparalleled industry recognition, including six years as the winner of the Inside Self-Storage (ISS) Reader’s Choice Award.

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Summer Fun with Food Trucks

There is nothing better than being outside in the summertime. From corporate events to festivals and tailgates, summer food trucks bring a tasty and exciting element that is enjoyed by all. The summer food truck industry is on the rise thanks to the increase in demand for high-quality food in a fast-casual environment. On The Move has added to the increased popularity of food trucks by creating patented technology that gives summer food truck employees more space, allowing for more serving options and a better customer experience. Offering a variety of food truck styles, On The Move is supplying the industry demand for more chef-driven food trucks, which allow patrons to avoid long lines, catering to customers who want gourmet food quickly and without the high prices.

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On The Move: On a Mission to Innovate

Innovation, creativity, and added value are at the core of On The Move’s mission. For over twenty-five years, On The Move has been an industry innovator. They were the first company to develop a unique truck rental program to serve their customers. On The Move leases a truck to the customer, creates custom graphics, and provides an insurance license program, along with all the collateral materials and software necessary to run a truck rental program. More recently, On The Move created a tenant protection program, SecureLease, that has changed the way the self-storage industry protects their tenants’ goods. These innovations were all designed with one thing in mind: to help each customer become more successful.

Not content to rest on their impressive laurels, On The Move recently ventured into the food truck arena and became a food truck leasing company.

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On The Move: A Success Story

In 1992, in Dearborn, Michigan, a businessman by the name of Maury Westerdale recognized the need for a commercial truck leasing program.

There were lots of companies like U-Haul that rented vehicles to private individuals for their own personal use. But what about companies that needed a truck that they, in turn, could rent to their customers?

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Grillfield Food Truck

Virginia Tech Food Trucks Roll Out on Campus

Steering clear of what hasn’t worked for other campus food truck startups and gearing up for future student growth, Virginia Tech’s dining services team has jump-started two food trucks. Kitchens deliver on speed of service and flexible menus.

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