Reduce Your 2017 Taxes with a New Truck

Tax season may be several months away, but it’s never too early to understand your upcoming tax burden. With one month left in the year, it’s important to make savvy investments in necessary equipment, like a new vehicle. Your purchases in the current year will impact how much your business owes in taxes.

One of the best benefits of purchasing vehicles at the end of the year are the tax deductions and breaks available. Now is the time to buy!Tax season may be several months away, but it’s never too early to understand your upcoming tax burden. With one month left in the year, it’s important to make savvy investments in necessary equipment, like a new vehicle.

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On The Move at REALTORS® Conference & Expo

On The Move at the REALTORS® Conference & Expo

Hosted by the National Association of REALTORS®(NAR), the REALTORS® Conference & Expo is the real estate industry’s largest annual event. At this year’s event held November 3-6, 20,000 realtors and guests converged upon McCormick Place in Chicago to participate in seminars, educational sessions, and various networking events.

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ISS Best of the Best Awards for On The Move Trucks

On The Move Continues To Rack Up Best Of Business Awards

In 1992, On The Move founder Maury Westerdale set out to create a brand new means for Self-Storage owners/operators to lease and manage rental trucks. In the 25 years since, On The Move has rapidly expanded its business in many various areas, becoming the fourth largest truck rental fleet in the United States. What hasn’t changed, though, is the company-wide dedication to innovation and service excellence.

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Get to Know On The Move at the SSA National Fall Conference

On The Move is excited to participate in the SSA National Fall Conference September 5-8, 2017 at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. This year’s Self Storage Association conference lineup showcases the very best in self-storage, featuring highlights like the Economic Summit, Managers Summit, keynote address by David L. Rogers, CEO of Life Storage, and scores of vendors who can improve your business. On The Move is looking forward to roundtable discussions, educational sessions and the Self Storage Legal Network’s Power Hour.

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(Video) Get On the Move with On The Move, Inc.

Founded in 1992, On The Move initially leased trucks to the self-storage industry. Soon, it became clear there was a need for this service in multiple industries, and On The Move expanded. Now we service the moving industry, rental stores, real estate professionals, apartment communities, caterers, and contractors. The services On The Move offers expanded as well, and we now provide a complete turnkey commercial truck leasing program that includes a rental truck insurance license program and the design and installation of graphics. With On The Move, owner/operators can set their own rates and advertise their company on the truck at the same time. We offer a complete solution: from trucks to graphics to insurance, On The Move provides a comprehensive truck leasing program.

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Get a New Truck Today with On the Move’s Trade-in Special

When using a truck for your business, keeping the vehicle running in good shape is the difference between making and losing money. But if you’re currently driving a truck that’s over 10 years old, you’re probably worried about how much longer you’ll be able to use it. If so, it may be time to consider trading in your truck. Of course, you want to make sure you’re getting the most value for your trade-in, and that’s why On the Move is currently running a truck trade-in special for vehicles 10-years-old or older.

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Real Estate Trucks in a row

Truck Rental: A Unique Differentiator for Driven Real Estate Agents

Real estate is an attractive career path in an extremely competitive market. It’s so competitive, in fact, that 87 percent of agents fail within five years. That means that only thirteen out of one hundred agents survive in business to see year six and beyond. For this reason, passionate real estate agents need to come up with real estate business ideas that channel their drive into finding a niche that differentiates them from the pack.

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On The Move to Open New Food Truck Production Facility in San Antonio

On The Move Partners with Shook Mobile Technology to Open New Food Truck Production Facility in San Antonio

The demand for quality food trucks from On The Move, Inc. has significantly increased in the last year, which is why On The Move is pleased to announce it will be combining all of its food truck production into one large facility in the San Antonio, Texas area. On The Move has partnered with Shook Mobile Technology to allow for the ramp up of production. Shook’s production facility is 70,000 square feet and is equipped to manufacture all three of On The Move’s models, including their patented extended slide out feature. 

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Bringing Appetites To The Curb

If you live in a major city, it’s hard to miss what seem like fleets of food trucks. Anything from burgers to sushi are lined up at the curb, waiting to tempt your taste buds. Food trucks are only becoming more popular, and thus worth investing in, and there is little question that food trucks can be a lot of fun to run—what’s better than getting your food out there to people who may not otherwise try it? If you’re thinking of getting a food truck, make sure you know how to run a food truck business. Learning how to face the challenges of running a successful food truck will keep you buzzing with positive energy and armed with knowledge.

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Storage Containers

Set Your Self-Storage Facility Apart With Free Perks

When an industry experiences growth, the competition amps up. The self-storage industry is no exception. To stand out in the self-storage game, a company must provide useful amenities and benefits that competitors aren’t. One straightforward and effective way to beat out the other guy is to give your customers access to a truck on move-in day. Read on to find out just why customers love this perk and how to integrate truck service into any self-storage facility.

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The 3 Technologies Disrupting the Food Truck Industry

Technology changes how we complete the most fundamental tasks of life—including finding dinner. There are smartphone apps for ordering food from your home or from your restaurant table. There are to-go orders delivered by Uber drivers. There are interesting, and affordable gourmet meals available around nearly every corner as food trucks become omnipresent.

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Trends In America’s Self-Storage Industry Still Look Strong

America's self-storage industry is thriving. In fact, 2016 was a banner year for this sector, which saw increasing revenues, high occupancy rates, and high demand that drove new construction and conversions. It’ll be hard to repeat last year’s remarkable performance, and self-storage industry experts doubt that 2017 can match or surpass the previous impressive run. Still, this year is witnessing high occupancy rates that are in the low 90s for large public and private self-storage owners. The data is slightly lower for smaller self-storage companies, but remain healthy.

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Toy Trucks with graphics

Waste No Space—Use Your Trucks to Advertise

Are you driving around in a plain truck that look like they could belong to anybody? If so, you’re missing out on a prime opportunity to get your products and services advertised. Truck graphic wraps can present the things your business is offering while your trucks are doing their rounds. Think of them as “driving billboards” that help identify your fleet’s vehicles, build your company’s brand, and even increase the company fleet’s resale value. And with inexpensive printing and wrapping, even small business owners can now afford high-quality advertising truck wraps. Since your trucks are essentially moving billboards, it’s important to keep the message simple.

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(Video) Food Trucks Are Here to Stay

One thing that everyone can always agrees on is that food trucks are awesome. There is a truck out there for every food group, and you’re served deliciousness in just a few minutes. The food truck industry has seen tremendous growth over the past five years, becoming one of the best performing segments in the broader food-service industry. From unique, specialized cuisine to fun, outdoor experiences, consumers are flocking to food trucks across the country. On The Move, Inc. shares some food truck industry trends and challenges to know as this market matures.

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(Video) The Right Truck for Your Business is Waiting

Picking the right truck for your business is easier when you work with the experts at On The Move Inc. Sylvain Mallaisé, Director of Sales at On The Move Inc., introduces several great commercial truck options to choose from, including the Ford Transit 350 HD with 14’ Aerocell Box, the newest addition to the On The Move fleet. The Ford E-350 with 14’ Aerocell Box is another excellent option. The third—and largest—option is the Ford E-350 with a 15’ Supreme Box.

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