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Pick The Right Truck For You

On The Move has put its over 25 years of experience in storage and truck leasing to work for the benefit of our licensees. Experience has lead On The Move to engineer exclusive truck features offered on our 14' truck, which is the best truck in the industry. Our 14' and 15' trucks are our most sold vehicles but by no means the only trucks we offer. If you have specific needs or desires contact us to see how we can help you lease the perfect promotional truck.

14' Truck Exterior Benefits

14 foot truck

1. Air Deflector

Computer designed for increased fuel efficiency, better highway stability and reduced wind noise. Inside is a roomy storage shelf or an optional walk-through cab.

2. Side Fairings

Creates a smooth transition from cab to body. Lowers drag for fuel efficiency and wind noise reduction.

3. One-Piece Fiberglass Skin

No seams. No rivets. No leaks. No rust! Smooth, glossy surface is perfect for billboard style company graphics. Fiberglass is tougher than .40 aluminum and more puncture resistant than 1/2" plywood.

4. Rub Rail

Anodized aluminum with PVC fastener cover strip is scratch resistant. Aerodynamically smooth, clean and attractive. Provides extra body protection.

5. Lower Fairings

Gradually sweeps out from the cab to full body width to lower drag for fuel efficiency and wind noise reduction.

15' Truck Exterior Benefits

15 foot truck

1. Cab-Over Attic

Increases Cargo storage space.

2. FRP Front Wall

Provides extra protection against cargo damage, exterior dings and scratches and long-term corrosion on All Inner-City® Vans.

3. Corner Posts

Extruded aluminum front vertical corner posts take a beating on the highway and guard against exterior damage to the body.

4. Rear Corner

Extended one-piece rear corner provides added strength in the rear side wall.

14' Truck Interior Benefits

14 foot truck back open and closed

6. Floor

1-1/2" dense yellow pine is as durable as attractive. Polyurethane sealer adds moisture protection.

7. Slat Lining

4 full-length rows of 4" wide dense poplar wooden slats on each side wall create versatile cargo control system for multiple tie-down locations and cargo protection.

8. Steel Hoop Posts

18-gauge galvanized steel reinforcing hoop every 24".

9. Safety Step Bumper

Safest bumper in the industry. Has an aggressive open grate slip-proof surface. Galvanized dipped steel blocks rust and corrosion. Extra deep 11-3/4" stepping surface across the full body width.

10. Brighter Interior

Translucent roof skin section provides built-in daylight. 12v ceiling-mounted dome light for safe nighttime illumination.

11. High Profile Taillights

Easily visible from behind. Less prone to damage by feet and cargo.

12. Back Frame

Four-sided fiberglass rear frame enhances streamlined Aerocell design. Recessed area easily notches out for walk ramp installation.

13. Grab Handles

Two HD molded handles assist entry on both sides.

14. Weatherproof Wiring

Interior conduit protects wiring from damage and corrosion. Lights are sealed and shockproof.

15. Roll-up & Extended Rear Door

Premium quality roll-up door with E-coated hardware corrosion protection. Prevents ramp from falling out while vehicle is in motion and from theft when parked.

15' Truck Interior Benefits

15 foot truck back open and closed

5. Floor

Dense yellow pine is as durable as attractive.

6. Slat Lining

4-5 full-length rows of wide dense poplar wooden slats on each side wall create versatile cargo control system for multiple tie-down locations and cargo protection.

7. Brighter Interior

Translucent roof skin section provides built-in daylight. Ceiling-mounted dome light for safe nighttime illumination.

8. Roll-up Rear Door

Premium quality roll-up door.

9. Two Grab Handles on Rear Frame

Back-saving, easy entry.

10. Full-width Safety Bumper

Safest bumper in the industry with an aggressive, open grate, slip-proof surface.

On The Move's TRAC Leasing Program

A TRAC Lease (terminal rental adjustment clause lease) combines all the advantages of leasing a promotional truck while retaining the option to purchase the vehicle at the end of the truck lease term for the predetermined residual value agreed to at the start of the truck lease.

Some of the benefits to a TRAC lease include:

  • Pre-established purchase option
  • Unlimited miles
  • Lower monthly payments
  • Improved cash flow
  • Fixed and variable payment structures
  • Off balance sheet financing
  • Generally less expensive than other lease types or conventional bank financing
  • 100% deductible
  • No depreciation to schedule

At the end of the truck lease term, you have the following options:

  1. Buy the vehicle for the pre-established residual purchase amount.
  2. Replace / trade / upgrade vehicle.
  3. Continue leasing by financing the residual amount.
  4. Return the equipment to On The Move.

The IRS code allows the lessee to maintain the "full deductibility" of a true/operating lease even though there is a pre-determined residual value. The lessor retains the rights to any depreciation.


10 ways to improve your
Truck Rental Business

  1. Run local errands and volunteer in parades & festivals.
  2. Mention your truck on all marketing materials.
  3. Carefully design truck graphics to maximize your marketing message.
  4. Sell back door space to local businesses.
  5. Implement frequent user program (loyalty card).
  6. Encourage rentals during down time by offering mid-week specials.
  7. Let local businesses know your truck is available for commercial use.
  8. Trade limited free use of the truck to a business for displaying your truck in a high traffic area.
  9. Develop a small moving business.
  10. Keep your promotional truck CLEAN.

360º View of Rental Truck


Don't forget your insurance/license.See our customer's truck graphics.Find out more about us.Contact us.


Getting More out of your Rental Truck


ACTION! Software

ACTION! is truck rental software designed to make your life easier. Services include creating quotes and managing reservations. This software will save you time by retaining your renter's information and printing out all state specific paperwork necessary for a truck rental.

Read more or call for more information, 800.645.9949.

Free Truck by Zero-Basing

Zero-basing is the process of gaining revenue by allowing local businesses to advertise on your truck. We recommend soliciting companies you do business with to advertise on the back door of your truck.

The amount you charge for monthly or yearly advertising space is completely up to you, but our customers charge an average of $100-$300 a month.

Ask us how this can work for you.

Sample Contract for Free Truck

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