Cost Analysis

Why On The Move Trucks is the Superior Choice Over Other Options

When choosing a rental truck program for your needs, it's essential to evaluate the overall benefits and financial aspects. At first glance, other truck rental programs might seem like a familiar choice, but when diving deeper into the numbers, On The Move, Inc. proves to be the superior option. Here's why:

Total Tangible Income (48 Months)
Four Year Net Income

4 Takeaways From Cost Analysis

1. Greater Tangible Income Over 48 Months

In the realm of financial performance, On The Move, Inc. shines brightly. Over the course of 48 months, this rental truck program offers an impressive total tangible income of $138,068.80. In stark contrast, other truck rental programs provide a significantly lower figure of just $55,816.80. That's a staggering difference of $82,252, firmly tilting the scale in favor of On The Move, Inc. This substantial disparity means that, by choosing On The Move, Inc., your self-storage facility stands to gain substantially more revenue over a four-year period.

2. Valuable Intangible Benefits

However, financial gains aren't the only aspect where On The Move, Inc. outperforms other truck rental programs. It also delivers a range of invaluable intangible benefits that contribute to its superiority:

  • Advertising Value: On The Move, Inc. provides an additional advertising value of $48,000 over 48 months. By partnering with this program, your self-storage facility benefits from increased visibility and exposure in the local community. This enhanced brand recognition can translate into higher tenant acquisition and customer retention.

  • Tenant Goodwill: Another significant advantage of On The Move, Inc. is the goodwill it fosters with your tenants. This goodwill translates into $14,400 in added value over 48 months. Happy tenants are more likely to stay longer, recommend your facility to others, and speak positively about their experiences, all of which contribute to long-term success and profitability.

On the flip side, familiar truck rental programs offer no such intangible income. This means that by choosing On The Move, Inc., you not only secure a robust financial gain but also benefit from enhanced brand visibility and improved tenant relationships.

3. Significantly Higher Net Income

Even after accounting for expenses, On The Move, Inc. continues to stand out as the superior choice. Its net income over 48 months is an impressive $67,577.80. In contrast, other familiar truck rental programs only provide a meager net income of $8,372.52. This stark difference of $59,205.28 in favor of On The Move, Inc. underscores the financial advantage it offers.

4. Four-Year Net Income Including Intangibles

When you factor in both tangible and intangible incomes, the four-year net income for On The Move, Inc. is a compelling $129,977.80. In contrast, other familiar truck rental programs fall far behind with a mere $8,372.52. This substantial disparity demonstrates the holistic financial benefits of choosing On The Move, Inc.


In the realm of rental truck programs for your self-storage facility, the choice is clear. On The Move, Inc. offers not only an outstanding financial outcome but also valuable intangible benefits that enhance the overall value of your business. By opting for On The Move, Inc., you secure a brighter and more prosperous future for your facility, with an impressive track record of tangible and intangible gains. Make the smart move today and elevate your self-storage business with On The Move, Inc.

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