Ways To Strengthen Your Facility’s Social Media

You post regularly to social media, but your mom is the only person that likes your posts – what gives? Social media is imperative to any business and when done correctly can earn you new customers, but it can be tricky.

Using Branded Trucks As A Marketing Tool For Real Estate Agents

Real estate professionals are starting to realize that stationary messaging is crucial to their business, and one way to do this is through branded trucks.

The 2020 Real Estate Market: Where It’s Been And Where It’s Going

2020 has been a rollercoaster ride in seemingly every aspect of life. The apparently normal beginning of the year quickly transitioned to economic lockdowns and social distancing as a result of the global pandemic.

Tenant Protection Versus Tenant Insurance: What’s Better For Storage?

Most storage owners and operators know they need some kind of protection for their tenants, but what’s better? What’s the difference?

Take Advantage Of Tax Code 179

As business owners, real estate agents and self-storage owners should seek out ways to reduce their tax burden. One way to take advantage of a deduction is Tax Code 179.

Successfully Navigating Self-Storage In The Middle Of A Pandemic

The novel coronavirus and the ensuing COVID-19 pandemic have set off a wave of uncertainty throughout nearly all of the world’s industries, but self-storage has entered into a particularly murky period even with a new normal potentially dawning.