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The most effective marketing tool in the industry today is a custom branded moving truck, because they are moving billboards everywhere they go.


• Quality vinyl such as 3M protectant
• Company name• Address
• Phone number
• Website
• Logo
• “Sell with me and use this truck for
Free” or another catchy slogan
• Features of your business
• QR code
• Social media information

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Top 10 Benefits of Owning an On The Move Truck


Seriously, why just stick your sign in the yard? Trucks get over 600 impressions per mile. That’s more than newspapers, radio, and old signage will ever get.

Community Celebrity

Realtors should be known in their communities and there’s no better way to do that than with a truck. Everyone will see you around town for years to come.

Customer Service

Whether they’re buying or selling, moving is stressful for your clients. If you offer the use of your truck, they’ll recommend you to everyone they know.

Community Goodwill

Most of our customers have used their trucks in local parades, food drives, and more to give back to their communities while getting great PR.

On The Move’s Service

On The Move offers premium customer service to all of our customers. Need help getting started? Want your salesman to pay you a visit? Need to order more moving supplies? We’ve got your back.

Money Saver

It’s easy to offset the cost of the truck by selling ad space on the back door of your truck. You can lease or own – whatever works best for you!


On The Move is always innovating. Ask us about our electric back door to make moving even easier.

Great for City and Country

Our trucks come in multiple shapes and sizes, so whether you want a box truck to go through the suburbs or an aerodynamic truck to get through major cities, we’ve got it covered.

Tried and True

After twenty-five years in business, we know what we’re doing. We currently serve realtors in all fifty states and Canada.

It Will Grow Your Business

We’ve seen realtors all over North America grow their client list after getting their On The Move truck. Its simple – if you don’t have a truck, you’re behind the curve.

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