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5 Tips for Packing Your Moving Truck

Did you know that there is a best way to pack your moving truck? Many people don’t realize that such “life instructions” exist. Instead, they just try to fit everything in, which can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

When you use a set of best practices, you’ll protect your items and make it easier to unload the rental truck at its destinations. Make your move more seamless and less stressful by using these five tips for loading a moving track—straight from our experts!

Ensure You Have the Right Supplies

Correctly packing your moving truck requires more than boxes and moving tape. You’ll need several moving supplies for packing:

  • Moving straps that hold bigger pieces in place.
  • Dollies for moving boxes and furniture, so it’s faster and reduces the strain on your body.
  • Moving blankets or wrap to cover furniture, especially those with glass. 

These items should prevent damage and injuries. 

Keep Important Items in Your Cab

If you have very fragile items you want to protect, you should move them to the cab. By doing this, you have direct control over how it rides. When you get to your destination, be sure to bring those in first and set them aside. 

Place Heavy Items in the Truck First

In assessing all the things you’re moving, the heaviest pieces, usually appliances or furniture, should load in first. You’ll want them to be the closest to the cab. The reason for this is to ensure the support of their weight. You should also pay attention to balancing weight on each side.

Continue to go down the line on what’s heaviest as you pack. That front space should contain things like couches, dressers, cabinets, mattresses and box springs. 

Put Soft Objects between Fragile Items

This tip makes sense, because the soft items create a buffer around your most fragile ones, such as mirrors or glass pieces. That goes for furniture, as well, so that it’s not rubbing up against each other, which can cause damage. Use pillows, blankets, comforters or bubble wrap. 

Doing this will also prevent furniture and boxes from shifting during transport. Less movement means an easier unload.

Load What You’ll Need First at the End

Consider the things that you’ll need the most when you get to your new house. Then, put those in the back of the truck, so they are quickly accessible. That could include your dollies or more specific items like a coffee maker, household supplies or other personal items.

These Tips Can Make Your Move Easier

By implementing these tips, your move just got easier. You can worry less about damage and be confident that your stuff will survive the ride. For more information on moving trucks, self-storage and more, be sure to check out more content on our blog

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