Ways To Strengthen Your Facility’s Social Media

You post regularly to social media, but your mom is the only person that likes your posts – what gives? Social media is imperative to any business and when done correctly can earn you new customers, but it can be tricky. You don’t need a professional camera or an on-site millennial to maintain a strong social media presence, you just need to follow a few simple tips.

Be consistent  

Consistency is king – across the board, everything should be the same or very similar. This creates an aesthetically pleasing grid and enforces brand recognition. You should post around the same time every single day. Your photos should stick to a theme or color scheme that you always follow. Steer clear of posting content that doesn’t have any relevance to your business. Have something you’re dying to share, but isn’t consistent with what you normally post? Put it on your Instagram/Facebook/Snapchat story! The stories can be as random as you’d like. Regular posts are for boosting brand, and stories are for showing your personality!

Use hashtags  

People will search for or be led to hashtags that are relevant to their interests or needs. Someone who has recently searched Google for the best storage unit, moving trucks, or anything relevant will be lead to your account because you used #storage or #moving. Most websites will collect cookies that will lead people to you, but you have to make it easy to be found. Hashtags put posts in little files that people can search through – make sure you have a presence!

Get personal
People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it. Part of that means they want to know the man behind the curtain, so to speak. If people like you, they’ll feel more inclined to support your business. Try sharing photos with employees in them, sharing personal stories about your journey or your family, or tell stories about how you came to be in business.

The video takeover
Video is quickly taking over written content, so don’t be behind the curve. You don’t have to be a YouTube star, but it will help to post the occasional video to your social media pages. Maybe interview some customers about how they like your truck, record your amenities or top notch facility, or just film yourself talking about your passion: storage!

Ask questions in the captions of your photos, in your statuses, or at the end of your blog posts to get customers to interact with you online. Make sure you respond to all comments and messages within twenty-four hours and be friendly! Respond to reviews, both positive and negative, and let people know you hear them.

Track your progress
Make sure you’re looking at which efforts are working and which are falling flat. Every social media platform has an insights page with valuable data. Those reports can tell you how many people viewed your page or post, how many likes you got, what time of day people are looking at your page, and more. That information is free so make sure you’re taking advantage!

Maintaining your social media presence doesn’t have to be stressful. Have fun with it and try new things!

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