Active Retirement Communities Make Moving In Easy With Truck Leasing

With about 75 million members, the Baby Boomer generation has enough buying power to shape segments of the country’s economy. As life expectancy grows and Boomers have plenty of years in retirement, the over-55 crowd is looking for a better place to spend their autumn years. In fact, 58 percent of this population would prefer to live in an active retirement community. While these communities can offer many benefits, there are some hurdles that would-be residents must clear first.

While living in an active retirement community may appeal to many, the overwhelming prospect of having to move may stop some of the over 55 crowd from taking the leap. Communities that can offer new residents assistance with this move can attract nervous seniors. On The Move offers a van rental partnership to these communities, which can relieve many of moving’s major stressors. These moving trucks have senior-friendly features, such as electric backdoors and easy navigation.


Many active adults choose these communities because they allow their residents to live independently with some necessary assistance. For example, these communities may offer lawn services that seniors want, but still plenty of independence. In that same spirit, retirement communities can provide a moving truck service that allows new residents to move their way, but with a little additional help. This gesture starts the partnership off on the right foot and can reassure seniors that they chose the right community.


On The Move offers trucks with features movers won’t find anywhere else. For example, these trucks are easy to drive – a feature seniors will appreciate. Perhaps one of the most challenging parts of using a moving truck is rolling down those big doors. Seniors who use On The Move trucks don’t have to worry about that hassle; these trucks have electric doors that come down with the push of a button. If the vehicle loses all power, the door can open manually too.

Relocating active adults may also appreciate thoughtful features like an in-cabin light for safe nighttime access, slip-resistant bumpers, and two grab handles on the rear frame to save their backs. New residents will find that these trucks are easy to use and appreciate the thought that went into their design.


While these rental trucks are helpful for the movers, they can also benefit the community that rents them out. On The Move offers incredible branding opportunities for communities who use the lease program. On The Move will design, print, and install custom wraps for these communities. These wraps can build a more cohesive brand and even serve as moving billboards for the world to see.

The truck leasing program with On The Move creates a win-win situation for active adults and the communities they choose. If you want to attract new residents, offer an excellent service, and promote your brands, be sure to check out On The Move’s program and all its options.

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