Have An On The Move Truck? Then You Have A Business Opportunity!

Everyone needs a truck at some point. You know that one friend with a pick-up who’s always moving a couch for someone because they’re the only one with a truck? Have you ever thought to yourself, ‘Hey self—that seems like a lost business opportunity!” Or maybe you’ve been considering renting a commercial truck for your business, but you know that you won’t necessarily need it every single day and don’t want to pay for a vehicle that’s just parked in your driveway? At On the Move, we hear you, and we want to not only enable you to get a truck for your business, but also help make you the most useful guy in town.

As a complete, self-managed, turnkey rental truck solution, On the Move is committed to helping you get the most bang-for-your-buck out of your moving truck. That’s why we encourage various solutions to help lower the cost of renting, or even eliminate the cost entirely! On the Move lets you rent or loan out your truck when you don’t need it, making you money while helping out your community in the process.

Endless Possibilities to Move Your Community

Almost everyone needs a truck at some point in their life. Whether they are moving houses, have an extra big delivery for their business, or even just need a mobile advertising solution, trucks are workhorses that can perform a variety of tasks. The thing is, not everyone needs a truck every single day. With this in mind, On the Move can help you turn your rental truck’s downtime into cash!

It’s a simple, flexible, and elegant solution. Do you or another local business take advantage of back-door advertising solutions? Well, they aren’t doing any good if the truck isn’t out and about in the community. When you’re not using your truck, it’s just sitting there and not helping anyone. So why not turn that downtime into go-time?

Easy to Help Out, Easy to Set-Up

With On The Move, not only can you make some cash on the side, but you can also do some good! For example, lend it out to a local charity to help them move their donations. You could also set up a monthly or weekly schedule with other local businesses to share the costs of renting. You can even exchange advertising space on your truck for a few rentals per month. It’s super easy and inclusive to set up; anyone over 21 can be insured and get behind the wheel, ensuring your truck is being used to its full potential while connections are being made.

On the Move is an innovative, turnkey truck rental service whose mission is to provide our Licensees with the ability to add value and profits to their business. With the 4th largest fleet in the US, we offer plenty of choices, and with our flexible options like advertising wraps and Licensee renting, we make access to a truck both simple and affordable. Learn more, check out our various vehicle model options, and get started on our website today!

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