How To Make Summer Moves Easier For Customers

Lots of families take advantage of their free time in the summer to move homes. They put their excess belongings in storage, find a good realtor, and move into the house of their dreams! But the stress and labor of moving can really make you break a sweat. Make things easier for your customers this summer with a few amenities.

Get the AC going in your truck.

Your On The Move truck is what landed the customer, but you can go a step further! Get the air conditioning going in the truck before your customer arrives so it’s nice and cool when they get in.

Put a sun visor on the windshield.

Keep the truck cool when it’s parked with a sun visor! Let the customer use it as they move so they stay comfortable throughout the entire process.

Supply water bottles.

Leave water bottles in the cup holders of the truck or in your office so customers can cool off and keep hydrated.

Schedule clients in the morning or evening.

Try to work with customers to avoid the hottest times of day. Moving in the morning or evening will be safer and more enjoyable.

Remind customers to transfer utilities.

No one wants to move into a house that’s been baking in the sun. Remind your customers to transfer their utilities and get the air conditioning on in their new house before they begin moving.

Moving is strenuous any time of year, but it’s particularly dangerous in the hot summer months. Make sure your customers and happy and safe with these tips! It’s little acts of service like these that can motivate customers to leave you a five star review.

For more questions on how to make the best of the heat? Call us at 800-645-9949 today!

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