Real Estate Agents, Get Ready For Peak Season With On The Move

Last year, 11 percent of Americans moved homes, and half of these movers did so in the summer months. That means that over 17 million Americans may move between the end of May and Labor Day this year.

Real Estate Professionals: Automate Your Marketing And Focus On Sales

Real estate professionals become more successful the more houses they show, but how can you get clients without marketing?

Protecting And Differentiating Your Self-Storage Facility With Tenant Protection Programs

Protecting these facilities is critical, particularly in cases where the facility is a significant portion or the entirety of an owner/operator’s portfolio.

On The Move Quarterly Magazine

With that in mind, the first quarterly magazine of 2020 is hot off the press! From recapping our holiday celebrations to showcasing Canton Self-Storage as the Truck of the Quarter, we hope you have as much fun reading this edition as we did putting it together.

On The Move Keeps Fleet Services Moving

The fleet industry is transforming, mainly due to consumer demand. Instead of delivering goods to warehouses, they are being shipped directly to the buyer.